How to get enough Iron in your diet

Many nutrient requirements change through the lifespan and iron is no exception, not only is there different requirements at different ages there are different requirements between genders. This article will explore different recommendations helping you reach your daily intake through highlighting foods rich in iron.

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The importance of vitamins in a plant based diet

Plant based diets are a great way to protect the planet, get a variety of fruit, vegetables and grains into your diet and not to mention supporting the positive movement in animal welfare. However, when cutting food groups out of your diet, especially meat and dairy products, it is important to plan your diet carefully. Going plant based can be a healthy, balanced way of eating if you are eating a variety of different foods and opting for fortified products. Ensuring you are including certain micronutrients in your diet that can be lacking when you no longer eat meat or dairy products can be difficult and may require a certain amount of planning at the beginning.

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What’s your 5 a day?

A great campaign has started this week ‘Veg Power’ an initiative to get children eating more vegetables, I am a huge supporter of this and really think more work needs to be done to make fruit and veg seem cool to kids! So in light of this I thought it would be a good time to go back to a basics and talk about why and how we can achieve 5 a day… Read More

Top Tips for Veganuary

Happy New Year!

Another year has gone in the blink of an eye as well as a lovely Christmas break full of extra yoga (utilising that time off work well!) or full of extra food and drink! January for many is a time where people look to make fresh starts and try new things – we have all seen the new years resolution posts haven’t we?!

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Myth Busting – Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates tend to have a bad reputation, with crash diets and catchy sayings such as ‘no carbs before marbs’ it can be nutrient people are afraid of. However, carbohydrates are essential for our body as they are converted in to glucose which is used by our body for energy and keeps our organs and muscles functioning. So, why do we get so scared of them when they are our bodies main source of energy?! Knowledge is power and so before you start to cut the bread out or think fruit is just as bad as a chocolate bar lets find out more about them.

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