Munchin’ my way around Munich

Hey guys!

I have recently got back from a lovely, very cold weekend in Munich and what a wonderful city it is. As always I will be putting my favourite eating spots on here to save you scrolling through TripAdvisor and google for the best part of two hours (don’t ask!)

To start the weekend off we actually flew into Nuremberg where we spent one night and morning. Our first dining experience in the city was at Padelle d’Italia – this was a great hidden gem and very reasonably priced. The food was fab we had the Nino Pizza and Salmon tomato which if you are an oily fish fan you must try – the fresh Norwegian salmon was cut in to thick chunks and the portion was very generous!


If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that we found the nicest brunch spot just outside the city walls called Kaubach – wow! You need to try this place a) for the almond croissant b) for the eggs Benedict c) the staff were so lovely you didn’t want to leave… Oh and did I mention there was chocolate granola?!

For all the flat white fans and strong coffee lovers out there pop into Machhörndl Coffee: Espresso Brew Bar – the best flat white we had the whole trip!

the best fw

After a quick stop off in Nuremberg we headed to Munich… famous for Oktoberfest and Christmas markets we wasn’t sure what to expect in the quiet season of January but it was so lovely. My foodie/drink highlights are below.

Beer House – We started the trip being very traditional (or touristy!) with a stein beer, schnitzel and huge pretzel. The atmosphere was just what was expected with a live band, packed benches full of people from all around the world and litres and litres of beer everywhere you looked! We shared our food and it was better than we expected, even though we were in a famous beer hall all the food was a very high standard and I would definitely recommend if you are wanting to really get involved in the German traditions.


Yum Thai – the clue is in the name here! Make sure you book this little gem as it gets really busy. We had coconut chicken soup, yellow curry and dumplings with a bottle of wine and although slightly more expensive than other places it is really worth it – the staff could not have done more for us and the surroundings are great for an intimate meal.

*it may look empty on the right photo but we stayed until close due to a late booking!

Jaded Monkey – a very cool spot in a quiet area of the city, it is only lit by candle light (hence why we have no photos – also because not one single person was on their phones in this bar, so we didn’t want to get ours out. The way it should be!) We had a Munich G&T and a smokey old fashioned, very strong, good quality cocktails with attentive staff and free olives!

Hungriges Herz – from tripadvisor and many food bloggers this is the best place to brunch in Munich however, we couldn’t get in so I just wanted to put a note on this place to make sure you book before you turn up (or you may be stuck in the rain trying to find the next best place!)

Tambosi – the perfect, cosy stop off to warm up and grab a snack before walking around the English Gardens, great panini and croissant spot with a lovely latte art coffee.

Burger house – not just one for the carnivores out there, I actually went for a veggie burger and there was plenty of vegan options too with the choice of breads such as multi seeded and a sour dough buns. A lovely quick lunch spot!

If you ever visit these beautiful cities, tag me in your photos if you manage to go to any of these spots, I’d love to see!

SJ x

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