Setting an Intention this New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

As a new year begins I just want to take a moment to share my gratitude for one of my personal highlights of last year with you all. 2017 was the year I finally completed my Yoga Teacher Training Course. Not only was this a challenging journey but it was one I am very grateful for and it is certainly not over yet. I have learnt so much about connecting mind to body and it is something I feel I really need to focus more on.

I often preach about ditching the detox and never feeling guilty about food choices, but instead making small mindful changes and listening to your body. Just in case you were wondering, I 100% practise what I preach (as much as I love avocado I also love chocolate and as much as I love kombucha I also love prosecco!) #balance right?!


For this blog post I thought I would focus more on our mind rather than whats in our fridge. It is a fresh, new year after all and I promise it will only take a minute.


Setting an Intention

When I start every yoga class, whether I am teaching or practising I set an intention. At first, I used to listen to examples the teacher was guiding the class through but now before I step on to the mat I know (most of the time!) why I am practising yoga and who or what I want to dedicate my practise to.

Each intention we set is personal so it would be unfair for me to start talking about what we should be grateful for or why we should be happy as we are all unique (another thing I harp on about!) but I do believe that setting an intention is something you should consider doing. If you are in need of some inspiration I once read that setting an intention ‘translates your practice off your mat and into your life.’

However, you do not have to be stepping on to the mat to set an intention, the new year, the start of a new day or even whilst you are making a fresh cup of coffee might suit you best. Anything from one to even ten minutes just focusing on some ‘you’ time can be a great step to self care. Taking some small, calming moments to reflect, may help you recognise what has been challenging you or what really makes you happy, then your intention may be built from there.

I find walking, yoga and baths a great time for me to unwind and get some head space but there are lots of great apps, Youtube videos and playlists that can help too. So, if big New Years resolutions don’t work for you maybe take a few moments now to begin your intention setting journey.

Here are two of my favourite things to help you begin to unwind and reflect:

  • All Bar One – Mindfulness Matters Playlist on Spotify
  • Guided Meditation on the Head Space App


I hope this has as much as a positive impact on you than it does for me, good luck!

Sarah x




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