It’s Pumpkin Season!

Halloween is approaching which means people are rushing out to buy pumpkins to carve and decorate their houses. But what do you do with the inside of the pumpkin?! When carving a lot of people are guilty of throwing the flesh away so I thought I would give you guys a few ideas on how to save the food waste and add a little pumpkin into your diet!


Before I get started, I wouldn’t be a good nutritionist if I didn’t tell you that pumpkins are a great source of fibre and vitamin A as well as counting towards your 5 a day!


Here are some dishes with a pumpkin twist for you to try:

Pumpkin Soup – Soup is so easy to make and is a great way to get some extra veggies, lentils and pulses into your diet. Make sure you remove the pumpkin seeds from the flesh before adding it to your favourite soup recipe (red lentils and thai spices would compliment this perfectly)


Pumpkin Pie – My friends mum makes THE best pumpkin pie… I have no idea how to make it myself but I want to find out, in the mean time there are lots of recipes online that look delicious!


Pumpkin Hummus – This is a bit out there but you HAVE to try it if you are a hummus and pumpkin fan. All you have to do extra is roast the pumpkin flesh (without seeds) in the oven for 40-45 minutes with a little garlic and then add to your food processor with the rest of your usual hummus ingredients. If you are feeling extra insta worthy why not use the pumpkin skin as a serving dish?!


Pumpkin Curry – this doesn’t have to mainly be pumpkin before I lose you on this one but curries and stews are a great base for adding ingredients like pumpkin, squash and sweet potato too so give it a try! Team it with veggies such as carrots and parsnips for the perfect accompaniment.


Pumpkin Pasta – This would be a great addition to my courgette pasta recipe – roast the pumpkin in a little olive oil for 30-40 minutes and toss in the pasta at the end to give it that extra autumn feel!


Pumpkin Seeds – I have mentioned removing the seeds a few times above, so why not clean the seeds of any pumpkin flesh and dry them before roasting them in some olive oil and paprika for a delicious snack!?


All pumpkin’d out? I hope I have inspired you to make the most of your pumpkins and to reduce food waste this Halloween… Have a scary one!


S x



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