Nourish and Flow with MagnaPass

Hi guys!!

I recently held my dream event – Nourish and Flow (if you have me on social media I apologise for all the posts but I was just too excited!!) and wanted to share a little bit of it with you!


The event was organised through MagnaPass – an online platform for fitness classes in Manchester. MagnaPass hold ‘experience’ days for their partners where you can showcase what you specialise in to their members and so as a new partner I held this dreamy day.


The event took place at Leaf on Portland Street – an incredible cafe with an amazing basement that has gorgeous big windows for lots of natural light and open brick walls (a personal interior favourite of mine!) We started off with a 45 minute Vinyasa flow where I took the class of all different levels through a core strengthen flow with a little bit of a play around with balances and inversions!




To quickly replenish I made the class some ‘energy’ or ‘calorie’ balls as some nutritionist like to call them with of course some fresh fruit before we got comfy and started talking about all things nutrition! This was a really rewarding part of the day for me as there is so much nutribollocks flying around at the moment, especially in the fitness/yoga industry! It was refreshing to sit down with some open minded people and give real, evidence based nutrition advice and in return got asked some fab questions in the Q&A session.


I focused my talk on ‘food and mood’ and how to keep nourished and motivated in the winter months – everything of course could be referenced but I focused on core food groups, essential vitamins and minerals (especially vitamin D for these winter months, blog coming soon!) and touched a little on gut health and fibre intake – a hot topic at the moment in the nutrition industry.

To complete the ‘nourishing’ part of the day we then went upstairs to the beautiful cafe and all tucked in to some amazing granola bowls, courtesy of Leaf!


A huge thank you to Magnapass and everyone who attended to make Nourish and Flow a success, I cannot wait to host another very soon!


Please get in touch if you would like anymore details ๐Ÿ™‚

Namaste x




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