Berlin – the city for foodies!

Hi guys!
I am fresh off the plane from Berlin and could not wait to share some of my favourite food spots in this beautiful city so here it goes – I will keep it short and sweet I promise!!


Roamers Coffee and Booze – wow!! I found out about this place through my friends instagram and once I had visited I could not stop talking about it all day, the actual brunch of dreams!

I went for the classic poached eggs and sourdough (can I even call it a classic yet?!) and added avocado and maple syrup bacon, I would highly recommend! I wont say too much as I feel the photos say it all…




Cafe Gri Gri  – we stumbled on the German cafe Gri Gri and it was lovely, the setting was gorgeous, over looking the river on a front terrace with fairy lights hanging down it was a perfect setting! The service was great and the traditional German food did not disappoint. I went for a Southern German inspired dish of cheese pasta with a local beer.



Burgermiester – so every single person that knew I was going to Berlin recommended this place. It is under a metro bridgse, does not have many places to sit and slightly resembles Thailand in the fact you are sat in the middle of a main road eating but it was possibly the best burger I have ever eaten! They have a good selection (even tofu for veggies) and I would 100% recommend the chilli cheese fries as a side – perfect stop before heading out for drinks!




Trattoria Portofino – where to start with this place!! It may not be traditionally German but we had such a good dining experience here… (the free limoncellos may have helped) everything from the food, the drinks and the waiters were incredible. Trattoria Portofino was on a lovely little street set back from the infamous bars and clubs of Berlin but even though it may look quiet at times, they do not do ‘walk ins’ so you need to make a reservation. We had a selection of pizza and pastas with maybe a little too much wine but if you are craving Italian food whilst in Berlin this is the place to go!


For drinks:

Monkey Bar for a lovely rooftop view


Gin Chilla if you are a gin lover!



Berlin was such a great trip and although a lot of food trends come from cities like Berlin I was not expecting it to be so good! We did do a lot more than eat so if you have any questions then please send me an email.


Sarah x



Not only is Berlin a city for foodies but the history in this City can not go unnoticed, we visited Sachsenhausen concentration camp whilst we were there and if history is your thing then I would recommend an excursion like this, I don’t know how to describe this tour but it was very informative and puts a lot of things in perspective.