My Manchester Food Tour

Hi everyone,

Sorry it has been a while! I have been so busy with work, organising some upcoming yoga events and doing some amazing foodie things… such as hosting a food tour around Manchester for some of the chefs at work!


I had never organised a food tour before and luckily I had a really good friend to help me out but for those that may want to host a similar event I thought I would share my experience with you guys.


I had prepared prior to the tour some cue cards for everyone for the way round (mainly so they didn’t have to make notes but also to keep me on track!) This included my recommended dishes, a little bit of background on the establishment and also a game of Nutribollocks bingo!



The tour started in the evening with a few drinks at Port Street Beer House for some craft beers and then our evening meal at Evelyn’s in the Northern Quarter. Evelyn’s is known for its homemade, delicious food with a health halo surrounding it – with dishes from lamb salad, to sirloin steak to tofu ramen there is definitely something for everyone even if the menu is quite small. We then went for an after dinner drink at the Whiskey Jar which is famous for its huge selection of Whiskey!

The next day was an early start as we made our way to a personal favourite Another Heart to Feed… this was a highlight for a lot of the guys as the service was lovely and the food was amazing especially for trend following foodies. I went for the acai bowl and kombucha whilst others went for the pulled pork bagel, avocado and eggs and the brunch board.


Our next stop was Ezra and Gil in the Northern Quarter which was incredible, this food did not disappoint, we ordered a greek style omelette, breakfast bruschetta, the vegetarian full breakfast and croissant eggs benedict (which was amazing!)


We then made a stop off at the pop up Black Milk Cereal on Oldham Street for a more indulgent treat… and as I was meant to be showing everyone about the health trend foodie scene of Manchester, some may argue that the tour then took a turn for the worse…


The Yard and Coop in the Northern Quarter was our next stop and happened to tie in with lunch time… Warning: this was not healthy in the slightest but very tasty with friendly staff and lovely, quirky touches around the restaurant – especially the bill being served in an egg box with mini eggs! This went down a hit with the chefs and was really innovative.


Our last stop was the Arndale Food Market which has opened some great places in the last couple of years with hot spots such as the Viet Shak, Gym Shak and Panchos there is something for everyone in this market, it was a little quieter than usual being a week day but at weekend this is the place to be!


Other stops on our tour included:

V Rev Diner – a vegan diner

Federal Cafe – a brunch must!

Kettlebell kitchen – a gym lovers fave!


I loved arranging this and thankfully it all went to plan (except the typical Manchester rain!) I got some great feedback but it is really down to the ever growing food scene in Manchester so if anyone has not been to Manchester recently you really must check out some of these places! There are many more that I love so if you have any questions please send me an email.


Sarah x


Feature Photo Credit – King Street Townhouse