The start of my yoga journey and some top tips for beginners.

Hi guys, this is a new one for me – my first yoga blog so any feedback is welcome!!

Yoga is a great form of exercise not only for your body but also for your mind. When I have been driving from meeting to meeting, or had a day with my head in a spreadsheet, yoga has helped me clear my mind purely focusing on breathing and a lovely yoga flow.



 The beginning of my yoga teacher training journey:

I have practised yoga on and off for around 4 years now but in August 2016 I decided to deepen my practise and start my yoga teacher training (eeek) I am now two thirds of the way through, hoping to be qualified in early summer 2017!

I was a little nervous at first I must admit having put it off for around a year thinking I wouldn’t be good enough and that it was too far out of my comfort zone, basically making excuses. However, since starting my course I have learnt that yoga is not all about mastering every pose or being the most flexible person in the room, it is much more than that. It has helped me learn to switch off from my busy lifestyle for at least an hour a day, it has taught me in high pressure situations the beauty of our breath and how it can calm us down and reset our thoughts, it has taught me to leave my ego at the door and look past the hand stands and splits and learn to trust my own unique journey.




Below are a few top tips if you are thinking of starting yoga, if you get butterflies going to a new studio, always put your mat where the least amount of people can see you or feel disappointed when you lose the flow or fall out of a balance then read on!


  • Find a great studio that is highly recommended by someone you know or has excellent reviews. Facebook is a great platform for sharing experiences so see if they have a facebook page or review section on their websites. If you are in the Manchester area HotYoganics is the best I have come across by far.
  • Give the studio a call before you go, find out what you need, when is the best time to come and even share your current yoga experience with them to see if there are different level classes.
  • Drink plenty of water before the class and try and eat a couple of hours before. There is nothing worse than feeling dehydrated, especially if it is a hot yoga practise.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive, especially if you haven’t been to the studio before. Get familiar with the surroundings, maybe even have a chat in the reception to the yoga teacher to get an idea of what the class will be like before entering the studio room.
  • Connect with your breath and try not focus on other people – it is very easy to compare yourself to others but remember everyone’s body is unique, know your body and your limits. Remember, in the western world people practise yoga for different reasons, whether it be strengthening, meditation or to improve flexibility, enjoy sharing your practise together but do not assume they are there for the same reasons as you.
  • Take sips of water and rest when you feel overwhelmed, a good teacher will always let you rest if you need to but they will motivate you to carry on just the same.
  • Practise at home once you have been taught how to get in and out of poses correctly by a qualified teacher then I find going home and practising that in the comfort and privacy of your own home quite fun and great for building confidence.
  • Enjoy the practise, Enjoy the music, Enjoy the Shavasana and the experience of yoga, don’t be put off if people are in headstands and you aren’t, if that is where you want your yoga practise to take you then the key word there is practise, trust the journey and your body.


I will be keeping you updated on my yoga teacher training journey with future blog posts but if there is anything you want to see specifically then please get in touch.

Namaste x

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