The Greek Cuisine – My latest trip to Santorini

I have recently returned from an amazing trip to Santorini. The food, weather, views and yoga were incredible so I thought it would only be fair to share my experience with you.The Beautiful Fira, Santorini

A little insight to the Mediterranean Cuisine:

The Greek diet is said to be one of the ‘healthiest’ cuisines in the world. Known for being high in fruit and vegetables, fish, wholegrain, feta cheese and greek yogurt you can see why it is regarded as healthy and balanced.

The Greek diet is also famous for the use of olive oil which is primarily made up of monounsaturated fatty acids (the ‘healthy’ fats) and contains over half of our recommended daily amount of vitamin E and vitamin K per 100g. However, olive oil is still high in calories so try not to get too carried away; I found the Greeks used it for salads and dipping bread into!

A Snapshot of my Santorini experience:

If you have Santorini on your list of places to visit, I highly recommend it to be the next trip you book. The views are incredible, the people are friendly and there are lots of hidden gems to discover by jumping on a quad.


The food was amazing, from fresh Salmon looking over Akrotiri to lamb kleftiko in Fira I could not have been more in my element with the cuisine. Although the tradition salad is Greek salad which consists of a few greens, olives and a lot of feta cheese I discovered a brilliantly unusual Caesar Salad served in filo pastry on Kamari beach which I must admit I had more than once!


Another food discovery I made was Lamb Kleftiko which is a traditional Greek dish of lamb and potatoes slow cooked with garlic, onions, peppers, aubergines and tomatoes. The dish comes wrapped up in parchment paper but when you open it up the smell is beautiful and the lamb melts in your mouth! The recipe was traditionally cooked in an earth oven (a hole in the ground) which was used to capture the heat and smoke to seal the delicious flavour and smells… this was definitely a highlight of my eating experience in Santorini.

You cannot walk past a homemade ice cream shop and not try a little Greek gelati?! This was ferrero rocher ice cream topped with 100% cacao ice cream, a very yummy holiday treat with an amazing view from Fira.

Did you know?

Sangria is not just for the Spanish? The Greeks do a refreshing ‘Greek White Sangria’ I have been led to believe from the residents of Santorini… I am not too sure how to prove this provenance claim but when it looks like this I will happily accept it.


Santorini Yoga

During my stay I managed to squeeze in a yoga class at the Caveland Hostel with Veronika. This was set on a roof top just before sunset and I loved every minute.

Veronika was great and the setting was amazing whilst we practised a Hatha yoga inspired class. I went to this class with a beginner and Veronika could not have been more helpful, a definite recommendation for anyone wanting to try something new or for those missing their yoga practise at home.

Namaste x


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