My holiday food blog

Hi NutriBloomers,I have just got back from a very relaxing week in the sun! Not only did I get some well needed extra vitamin D from the gorgeous sunshine I also had some incredible food!

With the Great British Summer just around the corner I thought this would be the perfect time for a mini summer food blog so you are feeling refreshed and healthy in the sun.

So where the majority of us start our holidays… the airplane;

vit eHydration is vital for when you fly and when you land in your sunny destination it also helps your skin on well air conditioned flights. I try and drink a carton of coconut water before a flight as well as a litre or two of water during the flight (depending on how long your flight is) I would also recommend investing in a skin hydrating body mist, I love the Vitamin E Mist from the body shop for my face and hands!

Stock up on fruit, nuts or veg sticks for the journey to avoid the temptation of all the salty snacks and airplane food available, get those tasty vitamins and minerals in you! Then sit back, sip some water (maybe add some lemon) and relax until you reach your destination.

Now to the holiday…

Everyone deserves to relax on holiday but I find it a great opportunity to get a little more active than I  usually would commuting and sitting at work. I try and walk as much as possible, take advantage of the swimming pool or the sea for a swim (great for working all those muscles – especially front stroke) and even get a little yoga in there to keep the body stretched and toned!

On my week away I was self catering so I had a lovely selection of food from little Spanish restaurants to big steak houses! I always try and fit lean protein in to my diet wherever I can, starting with scrambled eggs for breakfast – my favourite is to add a little salmon and avocado!

saladLunches on holiday for me are the perfect excuse to have the biggest salad I can make, I try and make the salad as colourful as possible and put a little dressing on the side – balsamic vinegar is my favourite! Don’t forget to hydrate at lunch time too as the sun tends to be at its hottest after midday. If you can get hold of a fresh coconut, cut the top off and add a straw, this has previously been my hydration saviour when I have been in hot climates.


fishI don’t know about you but when I am on holiday as soon as I have finished one meal I am looking forward to the next… I try and eat as much fresh fish as I can when I am away and this time I managed to get some lovely steaks in my diet too! Lean protein increases satiety and is great for muscle repair and supporting your immune system – team it with lots of fresh vegetables and you have yourself a healthy tasty summer meal.

pestoIt is not all about eating clean on holiday though – it is also a time to enjoy foods you may not have at home. I found this amazing Spanish restaurant on the sea front where they served homemade pesto pasta (not traditionally Spanish, I know) but it was the tastiest pasta I have ever had! Although some people try and avoid carbohydrates pasta is a great source of fuel for the body and if it is whole wheat contains a considerable amount of fibre!

Hope you all have a fabulous summer, please tweet or instagram @NutriBloom any amazing meals you have on your holidays, I would love to see them x

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